Basic English course

Millions of people have learned English.

So can you.

Have you always wanted to learn English, but didn't know where to start?

You have found the right place to start.

This course will take you from absolute beginner through to knowing basic conversational English.

And you'll learn it the right way.

Everything in the course is video based so you can both see and hear the correct way to learn English.

This is vitally important for learning English properly.

If you don't learn English the right way you could end up spending a lot of time practicing it the wrong way.

And then you'll have to learn it all over again later on.

No one wants to do that.

Are you ready to start learning English the right way?

Buy this English course. Do the course.

It's that simple.

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Who should buy this course?


If you don't know any English at all, this course is for you. It will start you on your journey of learning English.


There may be a few things you've learned the wrong way the first time. This course gets back to basics and teaches you the right way.


This course will supplement what you teach in the classroom and it's great homework for your students.

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The benefits of this course

10 essential lessons

Every lesson is simple and practical. You'll learn by doing, not by theory.

No prior knowledge required

No prior knowledge of English is needed. You'll start from the beginning.

Free updates

Whenever the course gets an update, you'll get it for free.

Easy to use

The course is very similar to this website, so if you can use this website you'll be able to use the course.

Risk free

If the course isn't what you were expecting you can get a complete refund.

Low cost

You won't find a course anywhere else with this much value at this price.

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What will I know after finishing the course?


How to greet people and start a conversation.


How to reply to basic questions.


Basic colors and how to count to 20.


Essential places such as the hospital and bank.


Basic eating and shopping concepts.

What this course really offers

There are thousands of videos on this website.

But where do you start? Which videos are important for learning English with?

This course gives you the right videos, in the right order to learn English with.

Instead of having to figure it all out for yourself, it's all done for you in this course.

So save time and buy the course now.

If you aren't happy with the value you get, we'll cheerfully return your payment.

Buy this $9

International cards and PayPal are accepted.